technical assistance for the operating structure in the North Macedonia for implementation of the cross border programme between greece and the north macedonia under ipa

: 352-218
: Democracy and Governance
: 132.942,70 €
: Feb-2015
: Territorial cooperation; Institution building for European Integration
: Aug-2016
: Grant
: 156.403,17 €
: Ministry of Local Self-government (MoLSG)

: The overall objective of the TA 2008 is to proceed with providing support and ensuring timely implementation of IPA Cross-Border Programme 2007 – 2013 between two countris (hereinafter: the Programme) with the purpose of enhancing convergence in the programme area by promoting sustainable local development.
The beneficiary of this technical and financial support is the Ministry of Local Self Government as Operating Structure in the country, as well the established Joint Technical Secretariat in Thessaloniki and its Antenna in Bitola.