Reinforcement of administrative capacity to meet the obligations of membership/ Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)

: 12-8472/1
: Competitiveness and Innovation
: 1.328.188,35 €
: Nov-2015
: Local economic development
: Sep-2017
: TW
: 1.398.093,00 €
: Ministry of Economy / State Office of Industrial Property; Ministry of Finance / Customs Administration

: To increase the effectiveness of the country's preparation for EU accession and to ensure greater efficiency and impact of EU programmes in the country. Project purpose is to strengthen the institutional and administrative capacity of the State Office of Industrial Property, to provide efficient and quality support to the authorities in the Beneficiary Country having competences in the field of IPR. The project will strengthen the operational capacity of Custom Administration (CA) to fight against infringements of Intellectual Property Rights, according to their legal competences.