combatting discrimination against roma children in republic of North Macedonia (grant scheme supporting fundamental rights - lot 3)

: 381-811
: Education, employment and social policies
: 220.797,00 €
: Feb-2017
: Civil Society; Social dialogue; Roma
: Feb-2019
: Grant
: 245.330,40 €
: National Roma Centrum (NRC) - Kumanovo

: to promote the social integration of roma children in society through effective protection of their basic human rights. the specific objectives are 1. to reduce the practices of discrimination of roma children by state and non-state actors, with particular focus on education, health, social welfare, housing, police proceedings, through direct legal action, legal support, advocacy to change dysfunctional legislation; 2. to train and strengthen local roma ngos and activists nationwide in identifying and registering cases of discrimination against roma children, and to engage them in finding and reporting such cases for further processing; and 3. to raise the level of awareness of the general public of the still existing practices of discrimination of roma children in North Macedonia, and thereby garner support for their more effective social integration.