: 2015-1-MK01-KA101-002781
: Education, employment and social policies
: 6.660,00 €
: 06.1.2015
: Erasmus + school education - 2017
: 31-05-2016
: Grant
: 6.660,00 €
: Boris Trajkovski

: This project will be held in March in the city of Plymouth, UK. The participants will be school staff from the countries of Macedonia, the UK and other European countries who want to expand their knowledge of solving migration problems. Through visits to local schools and various workshop activities the participants will gain a much higher understanding of the subject of discrimination and equality. The training will be led by a third party training provider with much bigger previous experience on the matter. The visits to local schools will show the participants their M.O and how they deal with discrimination and inequality in their classrooms and they will gain insight on the problems that the whole of Europe faces. The methods used will be tailored to each participant so that they can gain that much more from their experience abroad. The idea for this project came from the participants themselves. Their need to gain a much higher understanding forced them to find a way to learn these new methods and ways. By seeing how the UK educational system works, they will see how the other part of the European community deals with these problems. The impact of this project will have an effect not only on the participants themselves, but also to their local communities and authorities because the knowledge that they will gain on this course they will pass on to them. This knowledge will help the people who live in those communities to more easily aid the migrants in their adapting to their new environments. The participants being mostly teachers will pass on the information gained onto their colleagues which will help it spread on a national level and not only in their communities. For this goal they will hold various presentations and workshops all around their countries which will help the project have benefits on a much longer term.