Promoting Active Inclusion of Disadvantaged Persons Excluded from the Labour Market

: 12-9137/1
: Education, employment and social policies
: 132.310,44 €
: Dec-2015
: Social inclusion and fight against poverty; Civil Society; Social protection
: Aug-2017
: Grant
: 155.659,34 €
: Family and Childcare Centre - KMOP

: To increase the activation and involvement of persons at risk of social exclusion in the labour market by mobilising and/or improving their skills, education, qualification and facilitating their full integration into the society and in particular their access to the labour market.
Specific objectives: To enhance the employment potentials of people at risk of social exclusion by promoting individual pathways towards employment; To develop and implement targeted employment services and trainings leading to sustainable integration into the labour market of people at risk of social exclusion; and to identify and transfer good practices of labour market integration of people at risk of social exclusion and ensure their greater impact and multiplication.