Local Integration of Refugees, Internally displaced Persons and minority Groups

: 12-8715/1
: Education, employment and social policies
: 671.400,00 €
: Jan-2016
: Social inclusion and fight agains poverty; Roma; National minorities
: Jun-2017
: 746.000,00 €
: Ministry of Labour and Social Policy (MoLSP)

: To enhance the state administration and implementation capacities for further strengthening and supporting the local integration process and inclusion of the residential and / or non-residential displaced persons (refugees and internally displaced) and minority groups (Roma), as well increasing the sustainability of their reliance. Expected Results:
• Implemented training plan for capacity building of relevant institutions on the Local Action Plans (LAPs) within the implementation of the Roma Strategy and Decade;
• Enhanced capacity of all relevant stakeholders for implementation of Roma Strategy and Decade;
• Local Action Plans for Roma implemented;
• Increased capacity of state institutions and policy makers to deliver integration policies and facilitate access to services;
• Achieved economic sustainability and increased employability of refugees and internally displaced persons (IDPs).