City of Skopje
: 2018-3-MK01-KA105-059988
: Education, employment and social policies
: 3.533,00 €
: 01.1.2019
: Etrazmus + mobility of young people and youth workers
: 30.11.2019
: Grant
: 3.533,00 €

: Youth exchange ‘United Against Hate Speech’ is responding on the challenges not just in Macedonian society but also in societies of participating countries connected with discrimination and raising level of extremism. Moreover, the project is reflecting the needs of the participants to develop their competencies to effectively tackle hate speech in their communities and to contribute to creating hate free society. Also, the project is responding on the needs of the organizations to develop their capacities in the area of fighting discrimination and social exclusion and provide quality activities to the participants of their projects.
Project objectives:
- to increase competencies of the participants and participating organizations to fight offline and online hate speech in their communities;
- to raise awareness, especially among young people, on the issue offline and online hate speech and hate crime , its forms and consequences;
- to create plans for local events addressing hate speech in participant’s communities and series of video messages on hate speech;
- to strengthen competencies of the participants to effectively use various media, including social one, as tools for awareness raising;
- to develop communication, teamwork, leaderships skills of the participants in intercultural settings;
- to support creating new contacts among the participants and their organizations and developing new projects ideas that could be implemented with support of Erasmus + Programme;
- to raise knowledge of the participants and the organizations on Erasmus + Programme and especially encourage the participants to take part in mobility activities.
Project objectives will reached by methods and techniques based on non-formal education including simulations, discussions, teamwork or individual assignments. The impact of the youth exchange ‘United Against Hate Speech’ will be especially on individual level of directly involved young people who will raise their knowledge on online and offline hate speech and be empowered to address it. Participating organizations will strengthen their partnerships and increase their capacities to address online and offline hate speech, as well.
The youth exchange will bring together 6 youth organizations from following countries: Republic of Macedonia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Italy, Poland and Slovakia. National group will consists from 6 young people and 1 group leader. National groups will include 3 participants with fewer opportunities. The activity will take place from 1.4. 2019 to 8.4. 2019 in Struga.