City of Skopje
: 2018-3-MK01-KA105-059983
: Education, employment and social policies
: 2.270,00 €
: 01.2.2019
: Etrazmus + mobility of young people and youth workers
: 31.07.2019
: Grant
: 2.270,00 €
: Association for Roma Community Development SUMNAL

: Republic of Macedonia for the Roma as an ethnic community, has made a positive step, as a legally regulated duty and a moral obligation. Also, the municipality of Bitola is no exception, although there is a need for increased interest in improving the quality of life of this ethnic community, with a special focus on young Roma. One of the basic challenges faced by the municipality of Bitola in relation to young Roma is to create conditions for increasing their integration in the labor market as persons belonging to a risk group of citizens who are poor and socially excluded. The Roma ethnic group faces a number of problems, among which can be mentioned: low level of economic activity that causes poverty, dependence on social assistance from the state, low level of education and literacy, etc. All of this causes negative perception, stereotypes and prejudices against Roma by others, which helps them to face daily discrimination. The findings point to the fact that when it comes to solving the problems that the Roma community faces, the traditional approach is still applicable. But such a traditional approach did not show any significant results, given the situation of the Roma community, compared to other ethnic communities. In this sense, this issue is not absolutely abolished in an efficient manner, especially in the area of ​​employment and employability of this group of citizens of the municipality of Bitola.

To find ways for adequate mechanism of their inclusion in the school environment in order to prevent from social exclusion, to prevent juvenile delinquency and broader social problems. To prepare them to become active citizens and find their way in society. This is the reason why it is necessary to improve the quality of teaching by use of new teaching methods and tools for students' motivation and using experience of other countries which have already dealt with such problems, as well as modernization and transparency of the organization to the other countries. Fostering new ideas and new forms of cooperation can raise the awareness and understanding of other cultures and countries and bring to better understanding and accepting differences. It certainly is a good opportunity to improve participant's language competencies as well. This is the reason for the application for the mobility program.

This project is refer to organizing training trough which participants will gain specific knowledge and skills for social inclusion and also they will have task to transfer those knowledge through trainings in their country to student from Roma population and other minorities.