City of Skopje
: 2018-3-MK01-KA125-059970
: Education, employment and social policies
: 3.798,00 €
: 01.2.2019
: Erasmus + Volunteer activities
: 31.07.2020
: Grant
: 3.798,00 €

: This year Mladiinfo International is marking its 10th anniversary. From a portal providing free educational and career opportunities, the organization grow into a hub of knowledge and a podium for learning and development of future change-makers. Although the organization has been mostly focused in making impact in the region of South-East and Central Europe, where Mladiinfo Network operates, since 2016 the organization has expanded its activities in the region of Eastern Africa, South East Asia and MENA. Yet, analyzing the content and the strategy of Mladiinfo, we understood that we failed to include this target group in our activities, in particularly web and marketing oriented. Furthermore, working for a year time on CB project in Tunisia, we recognized the importance of understanding local realities for better quality of project implementation.

On the other side, Tunisian youth are facing immense challenges in their society. Many of those issues are familiar for the region of South-East Europe as well, and fortunately, some of them have been successfully overcome. Civic engagement is a vital element of strengthening the democratic capacities of the countries of MENA region. The Arab Spring brought to surface the power of civic activism, as young people more engaged in the civic activities have the potential to be more involved intro the political, economic and social processes in the countries and thereby, strengthen their leadership capacities and contribute to democratization of the region. Furthermore, as MENA is one of the most youthful regions in the world, with almost 30% of its population between 15 and 29 year old, a new development model for youth should be introduced, focused on volunteering and developing sense of responsibility towards the community.

The project Building Bridges between MENA and Europe aims to host one young person from Tunisia in Mladiinfo International with a mission to help the young people from the world that need a particular support to fulfill their educational potential as they are challenged by many educational disadvantages caused by either personal, social, cultural or economic circumstances. The particular focus of this EVS service will be bringing more opportunities for youngsters from MENA region.

Through the activities that the volunteer will be involved in during his service in Macedonia, they will assist the Mladiinfo team to reach the following objectives:
• To raise awareness among young people about available educational opportunities and how these can be accessed to enable them to be fully integrated in the society.
• To improve young people’s key skills to empower them to apply for different educational programs, training courses, conferences, internships and to improve their entrepreneurship, employability and provide information that helps people become more employable.
• To provide the space for the young people where they could prepare for the active role in the society.

The idea of the Building Bridges between MENA and Europe project is to focus entirely on the process of youth empowerment, by enabling a learning environment for the volunteer to embrace its personal and professional development, gain skills and tools for community development, as well as become aware about the importance of sustainable development and its individual imprint on it. Building Bridges is not just a project, but an extra-ordinary journey of Mladiinfo, The Voice of Rural Youth of Tunisia and the Tunisian volunteer, where by learning from each other, discovering each other cultures and traditions, going out of the comfort zone, they will enhance the capacities of its own organizations for international project management, intercultural dialogue and understanding, as well as will initiate further cooperation.Building Bridges is a springboard of creating the leaders of tomorrow: empowered, culturally aware, ready to accept differences and advocate for equality. The EVS service will last for 12 months, whereas the total project duration is 18 months.